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Our Placement Cell

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Why recruit from MJC College of Arts & Science for Women?

Our past placements

Our Placement Cell

MJC is equipped with a dediated Placement Cell that explores job opportunities for students interested in sitting for campus recruitment. With the help of industrial visits and expert talks, the Cell enables students to learn more about the opportunities available to them in private and public sectors. It regualarly exposes students to job fairs and career exhibits so that they can make informed choices about their own careers.

For the placement process, students are counselled individually in order to identify their talents and expectations. The Cell acts as an important place for students to familiarize themselves with different steps in the hiring process, such as apittude tests, interviews, group discussions. With the help of mock interviews and training workshops, it helps students polish essential communication and soft skills, and also provides useful tips on topics like CV writing, interview preparation and conduct. Over the years, the Placement Cell has helped many MJC students get to the job of their dreams. In line with MJC’s goal of creating well-rounded, socially conscious women, the placement team works hard to help students put their best foot forward so they can create fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Placement Coordinators:

  • Ms Shilpah,
  • Ms Santha sourubini
  • Ms Deepa
  • Ms Meghala

Career Development Programs

As the lines separating childhood and adulthood disappear, college going youth faces a myriad of dilemmas not just in their academics but also social interactions and personal management. Since many of MJC students come from underprivileged backgrounds, in the initial phase of their studies they can be quite unsure about their future. This is why Career Development Programs form an important part of the College curriculum. Industry experts and faculty work closely with students to help them understand and enhance their skills, on the basis of which they can evaluate their career options. They then advise students about making their careeer choice, and train them to further excel in their chosen careers.


MJC has partnered with The Hindu Group to offer its students the STEP Certification course, which is a expert-desgined program to improve proficiency in the English language.

This forty day program is a transformative experience for students, especially those who lack the confidence to communicate in English. Mostly, these students have had their education in a non-English medium, and have not received the opportunity and training to speak in and be spoken to in English. The STEP program aims to bridge this gap, with the help of trained professionals that guide students through various activities to improve their workplace readiness, and hone their skills in reading, writing, comprehension and public speaking.

How does it work?

Pre-Course Assessment

II year undergraduate students are put through a pre-course assessment to evaluate their current proficiency. Students who obtain a score BELOW a specific cut-off are selected for the course, & divided into Elementary & Intermediate levels based on their performance.

Online Course

Students attend a series of online lessons that comprise engaging videos and activities with a focus on developing their vocabulary and their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Face-to-Face Training

Students attend a face-to-face training module conducted in CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) format. In this interactive module, teaching methods & exercises are adapted based on each student’s initial proficiency level.

Post-Course Assessment

Once the course has been completed, a post-course assessment helps students consolidate their learnings and reflect on the progress they have made.

Each year almost every participant enrolled in the STEP program shows a signficant improvement in their English proficieny and overall confidence.


Last Mile Lecture is a career guidancce program initatiated by MJC, under the guidance of its Management. Forty meritorious students from the final year are selected for this program., based on their academic performance and communication skills. These students attend a series of web-based lectures delivered by industry experts from all over India. These experts, who hold key positions in highly established companies, devote their time and expertise to advise and guide students.

These engagements go beyond academics, with a focus on overall personality development, decision making, career planning and general knowledge. Speakers share stories about their own professional journeys, giving students much needed exposure about different industries. Students receive training to develop their soft skills, digital skills, public speaking, management, and much more. Specific topics include CV writing, introduction to the coroporate world, tips on clearing competitive exams, professional etiquette, amongst many others.

MJC College

Why recruit from MJC College of Arts & Science for Women?

Since its inception in 2004, the MJC College of Arts & Science for Women has been an institute of outstanding repute in the Coimbatore region. The College is committed to its goal of developing driven and capable graduates and postgraduates, trained to confidently face all the challenges of a demanding workplace. Over the years, MJC faculty and students have worked together to maintain its high standards of academic achievement, with a pass rate of 100% in all streams. Along with academics, the College gives immense importance to the overall personality development of its students, with a focus on ethics, interpersonal and management skills.

As a non-profit institution dedicated to empowering underprivileged young women, the MJC College of Arts & Science for Women is one of the few colleges of its kind to lay such strong emphasis on exposure. With its specialized career guidance programs, internships, industry visits, digital learning initiatives, and value-added courses, its curriculum goes over-and-above in order to fulfill the highest industry expectations. Past recruiters will affirm that it is their dedication and hard-work that makes MJC graduates a great asset to any workplace.

Our Past Placements

Our Past Placements

Our Past Placements