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The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 2007. Mathematics serves as the cornerstone for numerous academic disciplines such as physics, engineering, economics, and computer science. Our robust mathematics department is dedicated to providing students with the essential skills and comprehension needed to excel in these fields.

Through our department, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. We emphasize the cultivation of analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and a systematic approach to tackle intricate problems effectively.

Our department is committed to equipping students with indispensable quantitative literacy skills necessary for making informed decisions, interpreting data, and comprehending the complexities of our increasingly data-driven society. The Math Mind Club of the Department aims to foster an enriching and encouraging atmosphere where individuals can delve into and embrace the elegance and practicality of Mathematics during our engaging weekly club activities.

In our institution, mathematics is a conduit for continual research and innovation. Our dynamic department actively contributes to the advancement of knowledge by conducting pioneering research, publishing scholarly papers, and fostering collaborations with esteemed institutions.

Programme(s) Offered

B.Sc. Mathematics
M.Sc. Mathematics


To create an immersive and dynamic learning ecosystem that nurtures the growth of mathematical expertise, critical thinking, and problem-solving proficiencies. Our department is dedicated to instilling a deep admiration and fondness for mathematics while igniting a passion that propels students toward continued academic pursuits and rewarding careers within the field.


1.To deliver exceptional instruction that fosters student success and excellence in mathematics.
2. To craft a robust and captivating curriculum tailored to accommodate diverse student backgrounds and learning preferences.
3. To instill mathematical literacy and numeracy within our campus community and the wider society.


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