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The Department of History was established in 2021, pioneering a dynamic undergraduate program that has garnered significant interest and participation from students. Alongside the program’s establishment, the department catalyzed the formation of the vibrant and engaging “History Freaks Club.” This club serves as a focal point for students passionate about history, offering a diverse array of weekly activities and events dedicated to exploring and celebrating various historical themes, eras, and cultures.

The Department remains committed to nurturing a passion for history, fostering academic excellence, and preparing students for diverse career paths, including academia, research, public service, law, journalism, and beyond. It continues to evolve, incorporating new methodologies, technologies, and interdisciplinary approaches, ensuring a comprehensive and forward-looking education in history for its students.

Programme(s) Offered

B.A. History


To foster academic excellence and enhance employability across diverse government sectors and to cultivate a learning environment that empowers students with advanced skills in analytical historical inquiry and fosters critical thinking. We aim to equip our students with the tools to excel academically while preparing them for impactful careers in government and beyond.


1. To cultivate well-rounded individuals equipped with a profound understanding of history, fostering an ideal citizenship ethos.
2. To inspire and support students in their pursuit of excellence, encouraging them to confidently participate in competitive examinations conducted by esteemed bodies such as UPSC/TNPSC.