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The Department of English Literature was established in 2007. Striving for eminence in teaching and research within the domain of English literary studies, the Department also offers Part II General English courses for undergraduates. It assumes a pivotal role within the college, serving as a vehicle for students to attain an advanced level of proficiency in English as a supportive subject across various departments. Additionally, it aims to instill a deeper appreciation for the literary and cultural heritage associated with the language.

The Department fosters students’ inspiration, nurturing a passion for language and fostering an understanding of its influential capabilities. It empowers students to analyze, interpret, and assess a diverse array of texts, thereby enriching their knowledge base. The primary goal of the Department is to unlock the inherent potential for excellence in students’ English proficiency.

Internships, group projects, and individual postgraduate projects are incorporated into the curriculum, offering students practical, hands-on experiences with the concepts and theories they have learned. The Phoenix Literary Club, an integral part of the Department, encourages students to actively engage in practical applications of their learning during weekly club sessions.

Programme(s) Offered

B.A. English Literature
M.A. English Literature


To be a beacon of excellence in English literary studies, empowering students to attain advanced proficiency, fostering a profound appreciation for language, and nurturing a deep understanding of literary and cultural traditions.


1. To provide comprehensive and immersive education in English literary studies.
2. To equip students with advanced language proficiency that transcends disciplinary boundaries, enabling them to support other departments while promoting a nuanced understanding of the rich literary and cultural heritage associated with the English language.
3. To inspire a lifelong love for language, cultivate critical thinking, and empower students to analyze, interpret, and evaluate a diverse range of texts.
4. To prepare students for academic and professional success in the realm of English literary studies.


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