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The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology was established with the purpose of cultivating proficient software professionals through an immersive learning experience in computer science and refining essential programming skills necessary for addressing real-world challenges. Renowned for consistently producing annual Rank Holders, the department proactively offers Value Added Courses centered on contemporary developments in computer programs. Moreover, it hosts specialized workshops dedicated to Mobile Technology.

The curriculum prioritizes core principles of Computer Science and fosters a vibrant learning atmosphere through regular Club activities led by The Techno Connect Club of the Department, thereby fostering a dynamic educational setting. The department encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, offering unique opportunities for students to engage in collaborative research projects spanning various domains, thereby enhancing their holistic learning and problem-solving abilities.

Programme(s) Offered

B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Information Technology
M.Sc. Computer Science
Ph.D. Computer Science


To Empower students with a cutting-edge education that seamlessly integrates foundational knowledge with dynamic advancements in technology. The department envisions a curriculum that harmonizes theoretical understanding with immersive, practical experiences, equipping students to confidently tackle the complexities of the ever-evolving technological landscape.


1. To empower both students and faculty to cultivate a dynamic environment of innovation and inquiry, propelling pioneering research endeavors that spearhead advancements across diverse realms within computer science.
2. To Foster a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange, enabling the exploration of new frontiers in computer science while engaging with emerging technologies and addressing societal challenges.

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