Alumni Cell

Over the years, MJC has built a expansive network of Alumni who have gone on make worthwhile contributions in various companies and industries.

The role of the MJC Alumni Cell is to maintain updated information about Alumni and keep them aware of the latest news and developments at their Alma Mater. The Cell shall also regularly organise Alumni Meets and Talks to provide networking and mentoring opportunities.

Alumni Cell Members:

  1. Ms S.R.Dhanalakshmi
  2. Ms P. Tamil Selvi
  3. Ms I. Yasmine
  4. Ms S. Santhasorubini
Hailing from an impoverished family in Manipur, my early years were wracked with tragedy. Having lost my father at the age of one, I lived along with 6 siblings and my unlettered mother who eked out an existence as a vegetable vendor. When the family didn’t know where the next meal would come from, education and a wholesome life seemed like impossible dreams. In 2000, I joined Michael & John Job Centre (MJC) as a part of the first batch of girls whose lives were about to be transformed. Today, I am an analyst at one of the Big Four multinational firms based out of Bangalore
Ms Martha
MJC Alumni (Batch of 2003)