MJC College of Arts & Science for Women gives utmost importance to academic pursuits, with the ultimate goal of giving MJC girls the confidence they need to secure the employment of their choice. MJC has devised an educational road map that provides a framework for quality education and stimuli for a lifetime of learning. Since its inception, the College has seen a 100% success rate in every stream. Visit the MJC Hall of Fame to see MJC rank holders and gold medallists, who have consistently done MJC proud. Presently, the following courses are offered

Undergraduate Degrees

Post Graduate Degrees

Value Added Courses

Entrepreneurial Development Programs

Syllabus (Bharathiyar University)

Under Graduate Degrees

Sr. Course Name Student Intake
1 B.B.A (Computer Applications) 50
2 B.Sc. (Information Technology) 50
3 B.Sc. (Computer Science) 50
4 BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application) 50
5 B.Sc. (Mathematics) 40
6 B.Sc. (Zoology) 24
7 B.Com 50
8 B.Com (Computer Applications) 50
9 B.Com (Information Technology) 50
10 B.A (History & Tourism) 50
11 B.A (English Literature) 50
12 B.A (Tamil Literature) 50

Post Graduate Degrees

Course Information
Sr. Course Name Student Intake
1 M.Sc. (Information Technology) 30
2 M.Sc. (Mathematics) 40
3 M.Sc. (Zoology) 30
4 M.Com (Computer Applications) 30
5 M.Com (Information Technology) 30

Value Added courses

MJC takes pride in going beyond academics, to ensure the holistic development of all students. Each academic year, the College provides a variety of value added courses. These focus on essential skills, tools and software, to help students gain the relevant practical knowledge required in their fields and navigate through life ahead.

Degree Program I year II year III year
B.Com Business Consulting Tally Business Intelligence & Analysis
B.Com (Computer Applications) Business Consulting Finance Through Excel E- Filing of Income Tax
M. Com (Computer Applications) Business Analytics Personality Development
B.SC (Computer Science) Photoshop Web Designing Cyber Security
B.B.A Women Entrepreneurship & Ethics Digital Marketing
B.Sc. (Zoology) Mushroom Culture Bio Informatics Data Analysis in Lifestyle
B.A (English) Phonetics English Language Teaching British Literature
M.A (English) English Literature
B.A (Tamil) Sirukathai/Novel Ilakiyangal / Sangam Literature Poetry
B.Sc. (Mathematics) Statistics Lattice MATLAB

Entrepreneurial Development Programs

With women’s empowerment as one of its foundational ideals, the MJC CAS has always encouraged its students to stand on their own two feet. Students frequently come from rural areas and underprivileged backgrounds – environments where circumstances for women can be particularly harsh. Pursuing financial independence is important to MJC girls, and the College supports them in every way.

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), the College has formed an Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC). Through the IIC, each student has the option to choose from a range of training courses, which introduce them to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. By offering entrepreneurial courses like baking and tailoring, and the CERT course , the College offers its students alternative skills with which they can set up their own business.